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Huskee Studio

HUSKEE is a Belgrade-based music studio and video production.

+1000 projects

Production, recording and realization of all types of audio, video and written digital contents.
All genres, original music and sound design for advertisements and all kinds of public performances, art and promotional projects.

any sound – any idea – any format – any social network – any streaming platform

any time zone 24/7

You want the best.
We want the best.


What we do

Composing, arranging, beatmaking, lyric writing and artist development. Complete song production from start to finish based on the client’s directions. We also provide the service of producing a video to accompany your single. Be involved and check on us on every step of the way. Contact us with your inquiry and we'll define a price, timetable and turnaround.
Recording live instruments or via MIDI in a professional acoustically treated live room. Available studio musicians to record tracks based on your demo (musicians’ fees are separate). Price includes track editing. Quick turnaround. Booking cost for 1 day (8h) of studio recording with an in-house audio engineer is €200, 3 days = €550, 5 days = €900, 10 days = €1,750
Creative analogue/digital hybrid mixing using the latest plug-ins and powerful outboard gear. Quick turnaround up to 5 business days. Priority mixes in 24-48 hours. Starting at €150 per song, depending on number of tracks, duration and priority. Price includes two client revisions within 7 days.
Final step of any sound production. Both analogue and digital in-the-box mastering customized specifically for your song and sound. Quick turnaround up to 48 hours. Stereo mastering = €50; stem mastering = €80. Price includes two client revisions within 7 days.
Precise editing of all your vocal and instrumental tracks, audio and MIDI, vocal corrections via Melodyne, complete mix preparation. Quick turnaround up to 3 business days. Starting at €70 per song.
Commercials / Jingles
15-year experience in creating custom original musical scores of all genres and sound trademarks best suited for a specific project. Working with the best voice-over artist on the market. Producing, mixing, mastering and delivering the final product in any required format (radio/TV/ YouTube/web-ready). Enrich your corporate project with great original and inspiring music. Quick turnaround. Contact us for price.
Original film scoring and sound design for motion pictures, animated movies, series and movie trailers. Theme songs and background music of all genres to best augment and enhance your motion picture. Production and recording of a wide range of effects - both natural and designed sounds. Mixing and mastering included. Pricing and deadlines depend on a specific project. Contact us so we can get to know your project and find the best sound solution.
Original sound design and score to enrich your digital adventure. Production and recording of unique sounds that will take your game on a next level. Noises, glitches, beeps, booms, foley, natural and designed sound effects to enhance your gaming experience. Price and deadlines depend on the specifics of the project. Contact us so we can plan ahead and start preproduction right away.
Live performances
Sound and video recording of live studio performances of your original material or famous covers. Two-camera setup, professional lighting rig and 16 simultaneous audio channels. Package includes video direction and editing, audio mixing and postproduction. Turnaround within 7 business days. Contact us for price.
Podcats / Youtube / Vlogs
Sound processing for your videos. Reducing or completely removing any unwanted noise which occurred during the recording process (nature elements, wind, etc). Adding and mixing requested music with your videos. Play-ready files for any social network or streaming service. Quick turnaround up to 24 hours. Pricing by the hour, 1 hour = €30. Studio rental for shooting and recording your digital content and YouTube videos. Plug 'n' rec audio and video equipment along with an in-house sound engineer and camera operator are at your disposal.
Sound design, editing, recording voice-over talent, mixing and mastering for all types of TV program and content. Extensive experience as a digital audio post production unit working on talk shows, live shows, music talent shows, reality programs, etc. Fast, reliable, broadcast-ready, in line with requested standards and deadline. Pricing by the hour, 1 hour = €30.
Recording and producing instrumental tracks of famous songs transposed in a key that meets your demands and capabilities. Our team of professional producers, audio engineers and session musicians will record any song to its finest details so that it sounds as close to the original as possible. Quick turnaround up to 7 business days. Starting at €200 per song.
Audio books
Recording renowned actors and voice-over artists best suited for your project. Mastering and preparing your files for broadcast on any streaming platform. Quick turnaround. Pricing by the hour for recording, editing and mastering, 1 hour = €30. Actors' and voice-over artists' fees are separate. Contact us so we can assess your project and present you with the best possible offer.


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Studio equipment



Antelope Orion 32 (32 channel)


Mackie HR 824 (Soffit mounted)
Yamaha NS 10m
Yamaha MSR 400
Presonus Eris e3.5
Amcron Crown DC 300A Series II
Matrix Acoustics Control Room Switcher


Yamaha mixing console MG 166 CX
Presonus Faderport 8

Summing device

Matrix Acoustics S32 Custom
(32 channel analogue)


SSL Alpha Vhd (4 channel)
Avalon U5
Focusrite MK II Dynamic (8 channel)
Matrix Acoustics DMP Custom (2 channel)
SSL 2 (2 channel)

DI Boxes

Palmer Pan 16 (8 channel DI)
Palmer Daccapo Re-Amplification Box x 2


Urei 1178
Overstayer VCA Stereo Compressor
Overstayer 3709 Stereo Compressor
Dbx 160a x 2


Matrix Acoustics PEQ Custom
Klark Teknik DN360


Matrix Acoustics Get a Plus
(custom stereo)


Lexicon PCM 70
Yamaha SPX 90
Korg Kaoss Pad 3

Tape recorder

Revox A77 Reel to Reel




Large capsule condenser

Gefell M 930
Rode K2 (tube / modded)
Akg Perception 220 x 2
Rode NT 1000 x 2
Sennheiser e865s

Small capsule condenser

Shure SM 81 x 2
Neumann KM 184 x 2
Oktava MK 012
Sennheiser ME66 shotgun


Shure SM 7b
Shure Beta 58
Shure 57 x 3
Sennheiser MD 421 x 4
Sennheiser MD 441 U
Audix D6
Audix I5

Effect pedals

Digitech Whammy
Digitech Digiverb
Dunlop Wah Wah Cry Baby 535Q
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi
Electro Harmonix Holiest Grail
Xotic SL Drive
Xotic BB Preamp
Xotic RC 2
Fulltone OCD
Boss CE-2
Boss Equalizer GE-7
Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2
Boss Digital Delay DD-6
Boss Bass Synthesizer SYB-5
MXR Super Badass Distortion
MXR Bass Octave Deluxe
MXR Buffer
Blackstar HT Metal
DOD Stereo Flanger Fx 75 C
DOD Equalizer Fx 40 B
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver Deluxe
TC Electronic Polytune Tuner



Esp Eclipse 1
Fender Telecaster American Deluxe
Fender Telecaster American Standard
Telecaster Custom made Mahagony
Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 60s’
Music Man Sub 1
Yamaha Pacifica 112 J
Cole Clark FL 1 (Acoustic)
Takamine TC132 SC (Acoustic)

Bass guitars

Yamaha Rbx 375
Sandberg Precision Bass
Sandberg Jazz Bass

Keyboards & Synths

Roland RS 9
Roland JV 2080
Korg MicroKorg
M Audio Radium 61

Drum machines

Akai XR 20
Roland R8 (original 808 expansion)
Alesis SR 16
Alesis D4 Drum module
DDrum Pro Acoustic Trigger Set + DDTi Trigger Interface


Guitar amps

Blackstar Series One 45 (combo)
Messa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Marshall JMP 800 ‘81
Kemper Profiler Rack

Bass amps

Gallien Krueger 400 RB IV